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You may also want to download a pdf, doc, or html version of my CV. (PDF version is probably the most up-to-date)

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Research engineer & computational neuroscientist with extensive experience on complex systems analysis, modeling, and design and a great interest in developing bioinspired innovative engineering solutions.
Engineering experience: Machine learning, modeling and identification, computer visio, signal processing, pattern recognition, data mining, real time/embedded systems, adaptive systems, automatic control, software development, knowledge discovery, and biomedical engineering.
Neuroscience experience: Animal vision, memory, and learning models, self-organizing systems, competitive/cooperative dynamics, and neuromorphic technology.
Other interests: Biological mechanisms, neural plasticity, synchronization, intermodal interactions, neurodegenerative disorders, and neuroimmunology.


Boston University

Cognitive and Neural Systems
Boston, MA

Research subject: vision, learning and intelligence, pattern recognition and classification.

Los Andes University

March 2003Master of Science
Electrical Engineering
Bogota, D.C.

Research subject: Biomedical engineering and control systems.
· Research projects on: artificial vision, electroencephalography and Functional Electrical Stimulation.
· Thesis work: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control System

Distrital University F. J. C

August 2000Bachelor of Science
Electronics Engineering
Bogota, D. C.

· Emphasis on Biomedical Engineering, Control Systems and Digital Signal Processing
· Thesis work: Neural Networks Based Artificial Vision System Design and Implementation

Miguel A. Caro School

December 1991High SchoolBogota, D.C.

· Academic bachelor.
· Best ICFES score (ICFES exam is like SAT exam in Colombia).


Migma Systems, Inc.

September 2010 - May 2014Research EngineerWalpole, MA

Advanced research in signals and image processing, dynamic system modeling and estimation, machine learning, statistical pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence among others. I apply specialized knowledge to analyze complex problems and identify the most appropriate principles and techniques to solve them. I participate in the design and implementation of real time hardware and software platforms, the development of protocols to evaluate and improve performance, multi-sensor integration, data acquisition and visualization, dynamic system modelling and simulations, data analysis and adaptive/intelligent systems design to support the creation of competitive products for federal government, military, and industry in general.

Boston University. Cognitive and Neural Systems Department

June 2004 - September 2010Research AssistantBoston, MA

Research assistant for professors Gail Carpenter and Ennio Mingolla. Our research was on models of learning and memory, vision, and applications to image processing.

Boston University

September 2005 - December 2005Teaching fellowBoston, MA

Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria

January 2002 - July 2003Assistant ProfessorBogota, D. C.

Teaching areas: Semiconductor electronics, digital electronic systems, and industrial automation.

Topoequipos S.A.

January 2001 - 2007Technical Advisor on Geographic Information SystemsBogota, D.C.

· General advisor on GIS & GPS

Los Andes University

February 2001 - November 2002Graduate AssistantBogota, D.C.

Graduate assistant at the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Laboratory
·Instruments Lab. & Circuits Lab.

Corporacion Universitaria de Colombia Ideas

February 1998 - November 2001Associate ProfessorBogota, D.C.

Simultaneous Translation, Telematics & Informatic Administration Departments. Some of the subjects I taught:
·Specialization for Translation on Engineering
·Cybernetics & Communications
·Software for translation
·Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
·Fourier Analysis

Los Andes University/Militar Hospital

July 1998 - December 1998Design EngineerBogota, D.C.

Control system design of a forearm prostheses prototype

Other Academics

  • IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference, San Francisco, 2015.
  • International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. IJCNN 2005. Montreal. Jul-Aug 2005.
  • Mind and Life Summer Research Institute. Research Fellow. June 21-27, 2004 at the Garrison Institute, New York.
  • Eighth International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems. Cognitive and Neural Systems Department. Boston University. Boston, MA. May, 2004.
  • One-Week Intensive Course: Complex Physical, Biological & Social Systems. New England Complex Systems Institute. MIT. January 5-9, 2004.
  • II Colombian Symposium on Neuroscience. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, D.C. June 2003.
  • Artificial Intelligence Technics in Processes Supervision. Los Andes University. November 2002.
  • Second International Summer School on Biocomplexity: from systems to the gene. Dartmouth College. July 2002.
  • II Workshop on Biomedical Engineering at Los Andes University. Bogota. Dec. 10th and 11th 2001
  • DSP Programming Workshop: Using the Texas Instruments TMS320C54XX Fixed Point DSP. Los Andes University. Dec. 2000
  • VI Symposium on Signal Processing, Images and Artificial Vision. (Lecturer) Los Andes University. Nov. 2000
  • Evolutionary Fuzzy Modeling. Los Andes University. Feb. 2000
  • Congress on Evolutionary Computation. CEC'99. Washington, D.C., July 1999
  • International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. IJCNN'99. Washington, D.C., July 1999
  • Research Projects Formulation and Administration. Research and Scientific Development Center. Distrital University F.J.C. May 1999

Professional Associations

· MENSA Colombia


  • Ling, B., Olivera, S., et al., People counting and re-identification using fusion of video camera and laser scanner, Proc. SPIE 9842, Signal Processing, Sensor/Information Fusion, and Target Recognition XXV, 984217 (May 17, 2016). DOI.
  • Ling, B., Agarwal, S., Olivera, S. et al., Real-time buried threat detection and cueing capability in VPEF environment, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 9454, 94540P (2015).
  • Olivera, S., Ling, B., et al., Real-Time Pedestrian Detection, Tracking, and Counting, IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference, San Francisco, 2015.
  • Carpenter, G. & Olivera, S., Self-organizing ARTMAP rule discovery. Neural Networks 25: 161-177 (2012).
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control System. Master Thesis. Los Andes University. December 2002 (PDF in spanish).
  • Olivera, S. Binocular Correspondence with biological models. Technical report. Electrical engineering department. Los Andes University. 2001.
  • Olivera, S. Neural Networks Based Artificial Vision System Design and Implementation. Ingenieria. No. 1. Año 2000. Distrital University F.J.C.
  • Olivera, S. ¿Que es neurovision? Technical conference at Semana de Ingenio y Diseño. Distrital University F.J.C. 1999
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