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  • Steve Stephen Grossberg is the founder and most visible head of the Cognitive and Neural Systems (CNS) department @ Boston University. If nothing else I would recommend to read this. It summarizes most of his early ideas and shows the development of his learning principles.
  • David Van Essen Neurobiology at its best. Son of Zeki, Hubel, and Wiesel, father to Maunsell, Olshausen, Callaway, and Newsome among others. His Felleman & VanEssen, 1991 had over 2300 citations in Google Scholar last time I checked!
  • Edward Callaway
  • Wolf Singer
  • Pasko Rakic You will find his work extremely captivating if you are interested in neural development. Even if not, you should definitely check this animation.
  • Robert Stickgold His research is on sleep and memory. A lot has been said about sleep and memory consolidation but I found particularly interesting his results on rule extraction and transitivity inference during sleep.
  • Rodolfo Llinas Dr. Llinas is probably the most important neuroscientist Colombia has ever produced. He's the chairman of Physiology and Neuroscience Department at NYU.
  • Ricardo Dolmetsch This one is actually a funny story. Dr. Dolmetsch works (currently) on ASD research. He is well-known for his work on Ca2+ signalling. I recently went to one of his talks (I usually check all relevant information online but... not this time). I learned that now people can take skin cells and reprogram them to become pluripotent stem cells from which you can obtain neurons and have fun with them. The funny part is that I even talked to him after the talk, and only until I came back home and did my previously missed online research did I find out he is Colombian!
  • Gustavo Olivera I really like the Intro to his website.
  • Frank Werblin
  • Pawan Sinha
  • Dalai Lama
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