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January 17, 2012!! Weighting 3314.5 gms and 45.8cm long! The cutest little thing, Lucas Olivera, was born at 5:44PM to make mamma, big sista, and dadda even happier in life.

February 18, 2011: My dear brother, Dr. Gustavo Antonio Olivera Botello, successfully defended his PhD work. I did it first! Yess! But of course I am over three years older, and I only have one MSc,... :( Anyway, a copy of his dissertation can be found here. He holds now a PhD in "biologie systémique" from "L’UNIVERSITE CLAUDE BERNARD LYON 1".

February 11, 2011: I successfully defended my PhD work (Finally!). A copy of my dissertation can be found here and this is the paper.

September 1, 2010: My beautiful niece Valéria OLIVERA-MURILLO was born in the small town of Gleizé, Rhone, France @ 7:44PM. @ 37cms & 1190gms is already showing a fierce fighting spirit.

November 23, 2008: Silvia Gabriela Olivera Tejada was born at 7:48PM at the St. Elizabeth hospital in Brighton, MA. Weight: 3045gms. Height: 47.5cms. Mother and daughter have recovered completely from labor and father couldn't be happier.

May 2008: Memristor? Semiconductor materials researchers at HP labs have found an interesting combination for a metal/oxide/metal semicondcutor. At nanoscale, te 5nm-thick oxide film has a layer of titanium dioxide (very high resistance), and a layer of doped titanium dioxide (oxygen poor--low resistance), which create a non-linear passive element that relates electric flux and charge (the theoric fourth fundamental element of Leon Chua), and create exciting and useful non-linear effects such as switching, hysteretic conductance, multiple conductance states, and negative differential resistance.

More details can be obtained in their original Nature paper, or asking wikipedia (as usual). It is also possible to attend a plenary talk by Stan Williams at ICCNS (May 27-30, 2009) in Boston, or by Leon Chua at IJCNN (June 14-19, 2009) in Atlanta.

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