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Research links

  • Neuro-talks @ HMS Harvard neurobiology seminars. This one seems to require a password now :(
  • Videos @ MIT videos of conferences @ MIT on a variety of topics including neuroscience (No password :D)
  • Journals@BU search for journals BU is subscribed to.
  • CiteULike similar to google scholar but allows you to organize your own library of papers and some other utilities. Very nice!
  • Scholar everybody knows google scholar :)
  • Vivisimo This search engine clusters your results. Very kool!
  • Sciencedirect here you can get lots of papers if you are subscribed (BU is:D)
  • Scientific American consider subscribing to Scientific American

Tools links

  • Dracal technologies offers a nice application for USB data acquisition.
  • This VNC server lets you do a Linux remote server easily. Here is the description of command line options.
  • Basic and more general interest examples/snippets/tutorials for OpenCV in C++ and Python.
  • Use MicroProfiler to profile your code on VisualStudio.
  • GStreamer is an open source, multi-platform, multimedia streaming framework. You can create complete applications to grab, encode, multiplex, transmit,... in general manipulate audio and video streams using a number of freely available plugins or you can create you own customized ones.
        -> SDK tutorials
  • I recently found this nice Matlab toolbox for image and video processing. You have to check the Piotr's Matlab toolbox.
  • If interested in MRI research but without much hands on experience on it I would suggest to get some nice data close to your area of interest from The fMRI Data Center and then downloading SPM to play with it.
  • Sun website's Java tutorials are excellent. In particular, I tried the the one for designing GUI's using SWING.
  • Lots of Java programming resources at Marty Halls' website.
  • For more image processing intensive applications the Java Advanced Imaging JAI API may be helpful.
  • Xilinx downloads provide lots of great tools for VHDL and FPGA's design.
  • If at all interested in FPGA partial reconfiguration, here is a good point to start.
  • A nice VHDL tutorial.
  • A very simple, yet comprehensive eagle tutorial.

Just for fun links

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