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Home Page

After a great experience as Senior research engineer at Migma Systems Inc., I am back where I belong (probably) at Neurala Inc. As Lead Computer Intelligence Engineer I integrate my extensive engineering experience, cognitive and neural systems expertise, and software development skills to conceive, implement, evaluate, and optimize ground-breaking ideas that may take Neurala's brain one step higher on the intelligence ladder.

PhD in computational neuroscience from the Cognitive and Neural Systems Department at Boston University. I worked with Dr. Gail Carpenter at the CNS Technology Lab. My research focused on models of vision, learning, and object recognition applied to image processing, pattern recognition, and scene understanding.

My interests are currently focused on neuromorphic technology, complex systems modeling, and technology transfer, aiming to apply biological mechanisms to innovative product development, but I am still very interested in perceptual learning, brain plasticity, neuroimmune interactions, neurodegenerative disorders, neural development, synchronization, neuromodulatory systems, and several other biological mechanisms that may inspire technological advances in signal processing, pattern recognition, data mining, machine learning, control systems design, communications, diagnostics and treatment devices, and computer design.

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